make it in music, success in music, music career success,
make it in music, success in music, music career success,

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Reggae fusion, reggae fusion music review, Click image to read the full review

Rebecca Cullen (Stereo Stickman music blog) In short, Have You Seen It is a brilliant new track, emotive and intentional....


Blog and music industry comments on Travelling Life's Highway

new reggae music, new reggae song, new reggae artists,reggae fusion songs,reggae fusion artist, Single cover art
















Fashionably Early 'Great writing..'


Rock The Pigeon Music Blog 'We loved the chill vibe...'


IGGY Magazine 'The production is good, the musical universe or the style is interesting'


Argentina TOP/VIRAL HITS 'The song is very complete and has a unique sound..'


Gavé2Vibes 'Very cool reggae..'


Stereo Stickman 'Without doubt, a personal favourite from the Dingazz Music catalogue to date, and a gorgeous song regardless of genre or style'

Blog Reviews of 'Every Decision'

new reggae music, new reggae songs,new reggae artists, miss tun pickney, reggae fusion songs, reggae fusion artist, Review of Every Decision CLICK image
radio review, new reggae music, new reggae artists, reggae fusion songs,reggae fusion artist,miss tun pickney, Review of Every Decision CLICK image


'ONE' gets to number 78  in DRT Global 150 Independent Airplay charts

music chart, radio airplay, radio station chart, Week: 24 November 2018

NUMBER 1 Trend City Show (Week 41)

music review, new reggae songs, music magazine, reggae fusion songs, song review, Click image to read the review of Unattainable

Unattainable is a step away from reggae into RnB.

Blog Reviews of the single Warrior

'Warrior' was also 'Song of the Week' in the Trend City Radio Top 30, Los Angeles, California. Miss Tun Pickney was entered in its 'Hall of Fame' for number 1 artists (click on image)


Blog Review by Stereo Stickman

blog song review online music magazine Click image

Radio Review by Trend City Radio

new reggae music, new reggae songs,radio station review, DJ  Ant, song review, Click image


songwriting, songwriter, song writing contest, This was my highest ranking and scoring song in the UK Songwriting Contest 2017

“When I Need A Remedy” is far superior to so many reggae releases that just attempting to create Bob Marley remakes. Miss Tun Pickney is no Marley clone, and has his own take on the genre.


Exert from review by By: Rick Jamm 

Click Jamsphere Image below for full review


"The melody is great , would describe the sound as corpulent"

Reggae Gooves (Blog)

Miss Tun Pickney Interviews

Miss Tun Pickney interview, song review, Click image


your magic, reggae song, reggae music Single cover art


Your Magic

"For some reason or another, it reminds me a bit of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. It's got a lovely sound and vibe"

Indie Shuffle (Blog)


"The melody of the riddim sounds nice... it is a love song and Barrington's smooth voice and flow are perfectly suited for this type of song".

The #UKSC is an international songwriting contest.

A couple of my songs reached the semi-finals. Will definitely record and release them.

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