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Mixing and Mastering Studio Services


I have used Beauvallis on some of my songs. He is a Grammy Nominated Engineer. Online audio File transfer 

Product London

I have used Iain at Product London on a few of my songs great drum and bass Very easy to work with. Online audio file transfer

Stingray Records

A UK based Reggae recording studio and label. A fully equipped and advanced 24-track professional recording studio.

Music Video Production

Video Production

The Void

I have used the void on some of my videos. They use preselected clips based on the  theme of your song. You can see their work on the video for 'Warrior' and 'When I Need a Remedy'.

Creator Hub

CreatorHub offers live shoot videos. You can see their work on the video for 'Unattainable'.


I used Sisarasanal for the animated video of the Miss Tun Pickney release 'ONE'.

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