make it in music, success in music, music career success,
make it in music, success in music, music career success,

Music Making | Recommended Music Business Services

Helpful Music Business Services for Indie Artists

Here are some of the music business services I have used on my productions. Music making often needs collaboration but with so much freelance service on offer, it helps to have some recommendations or examples of their work.


Many of the freelancers I have used are from the Fiverr platform. You may have heard many different opinions about Fiverr but, from my experience, there is some top tier talent on the platform that would cost considerably more through other means.


Fiverr have a rating system for sellers, so if you are concerned, you can start with the higher level freelancers. So, see if you find any of them useful for your projects.


I have also included services I use that help with other aspects of the music business, like improving social media traffic, youtube video optimization and a reference resource that covers all aspects of the music business.


On this page, the services I have used and the examples I quote you can check out on this website.

Growing Social Media Traffic

Music promotion is an integral part of music making if you want to get your music heard. And growing your social media presence is key.


Instagram and Pinterest are two of the top platforms for increasing your audience. But you need to post content on them consistently to make any progress which is always the problem for us indie artists. However, help is at hand.


If you’ve been looking for a way to plan, schedule, and analyze your Instagram content or to plan, schedule, and analyze your Pins on Pinterest, save time and increase your audience. Give Tailwind a try.

I use Tailwind to schedule my Pins on Pinterest and it certainly makes life a lot easier. Find out about Tailwind Tribes that enables you to connect to others in your niche and drive more engagement.


Have you always wanted more than one profile link on Instagram? Tailwind has the answer with their link. (check out my Instagram profile). 

Music Business Resources | How to get ahead in the Music Business

I came across the Indie Bible early and it has helped me focus on the right things and reduced the number of errors I would have undoubtedly made. This meant that I channelled resources into areas that brought benefits and it also greatly reduced the music business learning curve.


It is a worldwide, all in one, resource that covers all aspects of the music business and a great source to be able to refer to as your music career grows.

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Now it has specific editions for Spotify and YouTube to help navigate these ever-changing platforms. You also get listings for radio stations, playlists, blogs and venues.


For an indie artist, it is a goldmine of information, saving you time so you can spend more time on creating music and not trawling the internet for info.

Music Video Production

Videos are an important part of music promotion. On my video page I discuss options for making affordable music videos. Below are some of the freelance services I used in creating my videos.

video editing, video making, adobe, ADOBE video editing software

However, If you choose to make the video yourself you will need editing software to get a quality and professional-looking final video.

Note: some links are affiliate links. However, I have personally used these services and you can find examples on this website

The Void

I have used the void on some of my videos. They use preselected clips based on the  theme of your song. You can see their work on the video for  'When I Need a Remedy'.

Creator Hub

CreatorHub offers live shoot videos. You can see their work on the video for 'Unattainable'.


I used Sisarasanal for the animated video of the Miss Tun Pickney release 'ONE'.

Motion Ever

Jahanara's work is of a high standard and your lyric videos will feel more than a lyric video. See his work on the video

Travelling Life's Highway



YouTube Music Videos | Music Video Tag Generation and SEO Optimization

Uploading your video to YouTube is just the beginning of your video discovery tasks. After all the work you have put in to create it, you want to get the best results you can.


I came across TubeBuddy a few years ago and it definitely helps you to focus on best practice, in fact, it will guide you through YouTube's Best Practices and ensure your videos are set up for success and rank higher.


Tubebuddy is a FREE browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you get the best out of your channel. 

tag generation, youtube seo, rank videos, Click image

Tubebuddy helps you craft the perfect titles and find the most relevant tags. It has a suite of time-saving templates and tools to speed up publish times. So, if you publish a lot of videos this will really improve your productivity.


Tubebuddy also has a thumbnail generator and tools to help promote your videos across the web and use your existing videos to drive traffic to new uploads.

Mixing and Mastering Studio Services

Mixing and mastering will make the difference between whether your song is commercially acceptable or not.


As I have said before, as an indie artist and producer there are many hats to where and we tend to be time poor trying to fit all we need to do in the time we have. Therefore, you need to decide what tasks you do yourself and what could be outsourced.


Mixing and mastering are tasks that can be outsourced. Mixng using an online service still gives you control, just make sure you use a good service that allows unlimited revisions or at least more than you'll probably need. 

Note: some links are affiliate links. However, I have personally used some of these services and you can find examples on this website


I have used Beauvallis on some of my songs (Unattainable, ONE, Have You Seen It, Away I Go). He is a Grammy Nominated Engineer working out of the US. Online audio File transfer 

Product London

I have used Iain at Product London on a few of my songs (Warrior, Your Magic, When I Need a Remedy) great drum and bass Very easy to work with. Online audio file transfer

Stingray Records

A UK based Reggae recording studio and label. A fully equipped and advanced 24-track professional recording studio.A hub for the best in reggae.

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