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make it in music, success in music, music career success,

Freelancers and Music Producers When I Need a Little Help

Miss Tun Pickney

I am one of five Miss Tun Pickney. A life surrounded by music, Rock Steady, Ska and Reggae led the brothers to create a band called the Instigators with some friends. After the band broke up two of the brothers went on to be successful musicians and producers winning awards and creating numerous hits in the UK reggae scene. 


The pull of the music industry being too strong, I decided it was now time for a new venture. Hence Dingazz Music and Miss Tun Pickney the artist was born with a mission to produce new reggae songs, new music, a reggae fusion. The challenge to channel all my years of experience into these reggae fusion productions and add my own twist. 


My two major influences are Bob Marley and Sly & Robbie. The former took reggae to the next level and is still the standard measure of success. The blend of great music, lyrics and staying true to beliefs left its mark and at the same time showed reggae had no boundaries.


What Sly & Robbie produced was greater than the individual parts especially their work with Black Uhuru. This was an early lesson for me, find and produce your own sound and through collaboration, you can create and achieve more.


So my brand of reggae fusion songs is born and I'm always on the lookout for new twists and turns but my foundations are drawn from the reggae legends.


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Sometimes you need a helping hand with the creative process. Be it lyrics, singing, arrangement, production or other expertise.

Sometimes the sum of the individual parts achieves something greater.  This is the great challenge of creating new music. The following have all helped in the process. 

Fans Listeners and Followers

Always an inspiration.

Knowing that others love reggae and share the passion for my brand of reggae fusion songs.

Musicians and Music Producers | Mafia & Fluxy

Mafia & Fluxy continue to form the mainstay of reggae music production in the UK and around the world. They have not stopped landing hits for over two decades. 

They have worked with artists such as Michael Rose, Luciano, Maxi Priest, John Holt, Gregory Isaacs, Sugar Minott Janet Jackson and many more reggae artists.

Session Singer | Alicia Buni

reggae fusion artist,reggae fusion songs,session singer, Alicia Buni

Alicia is the vocalist on the single ' Self Isolation'. She has a great R&B voice which was what I was looking for on the song.


Session Singer | Ramize Yardsoul

reggae fusion artist,reggae fusion songs,session singer, Ramize Yardsoul

Ramize is the vocalist on the single ' Every Decision' and 'Have you seen it'. He has his own style called Yardsoul. Hailing from St.Catherine Jamaica.


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Session Singer | Jackie Scales

reggae fusion artist,reggae fusion songs,session singer, Jackie Scales



You can hear Jackie Scales on the single 'ONE' and 'Away I Go'. A great vocalist with a unique style.


Session Singer | Tony Mac

reggae fusion artist,reggae fusion songs,session singer, Tony Mac

Tony  Mac (aka Tony McElveen) is from the US and lives in Houston Texas. He has been singing professionally for 25 years. He grew up singing in church and developed his vocals skills entering local, regional and national singing competitions. Subsequently, working with bands in Texas.


He currently runs an entertainment company that specializes in finding the perfect vocalist for his clients.


You can hear Tony on the song 'Unattainable'. A great vocalist that added so much to the song.


Entertainer and Session Singer | Barrington

reggae fusion artist,reggae fusion songs,session singer, Barrington

Barrington has worked in the entertainment industry since he was 16. He learnt his trade working the pubs and clubs of  London and spent many years as a successful DJ. In the late 90’s he moved to the European circuit. He is known up and down the Costas in Southern Spain for his Soul, Motown and reggae performances.  

A great entertainer and superb vocalist well respected locally and internationally. Hear him on the single 'Your Magic'.


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