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Recommended Microphone Stands for your Home Recording Studio Setup

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After investing in quality microphones the last thing you want is for the microphone stand to fall over or collapse. So investing in poor quality microphone stands is a false saving.


The types of microphone stand you need depend on what you will be recording e.g. drums, guitar amp, vocals etc. The main types of microphone stands are:


  • Round base - these are good if floor space is an issue and are great for use on stage.
  • Tripod base - these are less prone to falling over from knocks but the legs of the tripod can become a hazard.
  • Boom Stands - these offer more reach and are more versatile in a studio environment.
  • Low profile stands - these are used to mic kick drums and guitar amps.


The take away is, protect your investment in microphones by investing in sturdy and reliable microphone stands.

Reasonably Priced microphone stands

K&M 26200 Elegance - K & M 210/2 Black - Millenium MS 2006

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