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new reggae songs, new reggae music, new reggae artists, reggae fusion songs,reggae fusion artist,

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Thanks for visiting my website. This website is the product of a long-held ambition to produce my own new reggae fusion songs. It's been a long journey but as a new reggae fusion artist, I got there in the end. See my about page for more details.


If you are into reggae fusion music or a musician or prospective music maker, I hope you find something here you like.

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New Reggae Music and New Reggae Fusion Songs - My Way My Vibe

new reggae music,  new reggae artists,new reggae songs,reggae fusion songs,reggae fusion artist, Dingazz (a.k.a. Miss Tun Pickney)

One of the toughest things about being a new artist is trying to stand out from the crowd. But still, I have decided to release my own new reggae fusion music and write my own original reggae fusion songs with my own vibe.


The music industry is now a place of opportunity for many. But with this comes the fact that trying to be visible to music lovers is hard work. There are many factors that can make your music different in a crowded market place and one of those is to have a different sound. So although trying to have your own sound is risky, if you get it right, it can make a big difference to your path to success.


I draw inspiration from my musical influencers and the things that I like to hear in songs. As a musician, you can then add 'yourself' to the song. What I mean is, for example, you could give 10 guitarists the same guitar and you would hear 10 personalities being portrayed when they play the guitar. This personality is what needs to be added to the musical ideas to finally end up with your own sound. It doesn't have to be a dramatic difference to be recognized, it could just be a matter of emphasis.


My biggest influences were Bob Marley and Sly & Robbie. The pioneering reggae rhythm section, that Sly & Robbie were, is something that always stayed with me. Bob Marley, on the other hand, was a supreme storyteller and singer. The power that good lyrics have to transform a song is understood by all music fans. So I have taken the things I like and created a fusion. You can say I'm a reggae fusion artist creating my own brand of reggae fusion songs.


However, it takes courage and belief to put your personality into your music rather than make it sound like someone else's. Especially, if you are looking to make a living from making music. But. nothing beats the feeling when as a music maker others appreciate your musical style and productions. That is a flame that can keep fires of self-belief burning for a long while.


So I am going to keep trying out ideas and try to expand the reggae music genre with my own new reggae fusion songs. If your music doesn't contain any of yourself, then, it's somebody else's music (sounds like an idea for a song..hmm?)



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