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Hi thank you for visiting this website.

They say there is a time and place for everything, which, is possibly true in my case.

Music in one form or another has been with me throughout my life. I got the real taste for creating music when, with my brothers and some schools friends, we started a band called The Instigators with some moderate success. 

The Instigators reggae band The Instigators

The band broke up but my brothers went on to be renowned producers in the UK reggae scene. But for me, music had to take a back seat. Other priorities needed to be taken care of, you know, family, regular income, mortgage. However, that creative urge was always there as well as the feeling that I had unfinished business. I knew that one day and somehow I would get back to creating music and continue chasing the dream.


Just start to write my Reggae Songs

The key to my comeback was just to start the journey. So what could I do with the time I had. I had plenty of dead time, you know, stuck in traffic, waiting at airports, overnight stays in boring hotels. Then the answer hit me, songwriting! All I needed was my imagination, creativity and a pen and paper to begin. So I started writing songs, found a couple of good self-help books and the quality of the songs began to improve.

Turn my reggae songs into a musical production

The next step was how to create a finished production. I didn't have the budget to outsource the whole production on a long term basis. I knew I had to do as much of the production as I could whether by skilling up and improving my singing or taking on as much of the instrumentation as I can. All I needed was equipment to turn those song ideas into a finished product. That was the incentive for my home studio project.

Anyone can make music

On this website, you will find out how my journey has gone so far. As well as information that I hope will help you to further your ambitions and dreams in the music business whatever they are.


As an independent musician, songwriter and producer, my musical resurrection has begun and will not end until those songs and ideas in my head become reality. So join me and become a music maker.




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Time is something you can never borrow while travelling life's highway.