make it in music, success in music, music career success,
make it in music, success in music, music career success,

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For Music Lovers, Indie Artists and Music Makers

There are so many questions that need answers when you embark on your musical journey. How-to guides and product reviews will help. So here I will try to provide information that I hope will be useful and make that journey as a singer, musician or music maker a little less bumpy. 

Start Guide for DIY Music Artists  | Available on Amazon


My must-have guide for anyone who is thinking of starting out as a music artist and looking for an honest real-life view of the road to be travelled, how to prepare for the journey and whether they can achieve their ambitions as a DIY music artist.


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How to be a music maker success story

Once upon a time, the title of this article would have been fantasy. However, technology has enabled consumers to listen to music in different ways and the creators of music can cut out the middle and have direct access to their fans.

Should I learn to sing better?

You might be making a drastic mistake! Do you think that your genes decide whether you can be a singer?

Why Music Makers need Piano Keyboard Skills

Do you want to play any instrument? Do you want an endless choice of instruments for your music productions? Then having some piano keyboard lessons will deliver more instruments to your repertoire than you will ever need.

How to Write a Song and the 3 crafts that make a Song

Have you ever wondered about the secrets of songwriting and how to write a song? Or maybe how to make a song a hit? Well, what you need to evaluate are your song KSIs.

The Beginners Home Recording Studio Setup Guide

Do you want to follow your dream of producing your own songs but believe it is really expensive? That it will take months to put together? Well, your first recording could be days away.

How to Release an Album, EP or Single

You've got your music ready now for the release. But how do you release your music without coming up against issues with the digital stores.

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