make it in music, success in music, music career success,
make it in music, success in music, music career success,

Free Comprehensive Music Business Guides and Reggae Blog 

Make it in the Music Business | Get the Fundamentals for Success in Music. 

# Get the Know-How to Make It in the Music Business?

# Get the Home Recording Studio Essentials?

# Get the Know-How to Promote Your Music and Grow Your Fanbase?

If you love music and are thinking of starting out in the music business or you are an aspiring singer, musician or music maker (no matter your genre) looking for helpful guides and tips on making it in the music business?


Then, I will share the knowledge I have gained so that you don't make the same mistakes as I did and so speed up your journey to success.


This website is the product of my own long-held ambition to produce my own new reggae fusion songs as reggae fusion artist Miss Tun Pickney. See my about page for more details on starting out. 


It's been a long journey with plenty of ups and downs but at the same time, a lot of knowledge gained that I want to pass on to my fellow music makers. No hard sell, just useful info and hacks.


So, never give up! Help is at hand. Live the dream.


Dingazz (a.k.a Miss Tun Pickney)


 Reggae Videos | Reggae Artist Biographies | Reggae Fusion Songs

Reggae Legend Series of videos, short and sweet, that explore the life and legacy of reggae legends. Click image!

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GOPRO action cameras great for gigs and festivals. Any place any time.  

GarageBand Masterclass. Learn GarageBand for music production

Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Guide

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Songs and Lyrics

Take a listen, read the lyrics and idea behind my best reggae fusion songs 

Articles and News

Get music business insights. Plus articles on reggae artists, reggae music and reggae news 

Helpful guides and product reviews

Answers to those home studio set-up, singing and songwriting questions 

Making Music Videos

Check out how to make affordable videos. See my music videos examples

Get Birthday cards, T-shirts and other gifts on my store

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Get tips and tools to rank your YouTube channel

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